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California Hydro-Jet is pleased to announce that we offer video camera line inspections to our Glendale, Burbank, and Pasadena customers. These special cameras can go down on a line underground to inspect the cause of difficult clogs or recurring sewage problems. Able to navigate underground, through cement, and under foundation, the cameras produce high-resolution video that allows our technicians to inspect and troubleshoot the problem areas. We can even spot potential problems that will save you time and money before they happen. Call California Hydro Jet today to learn more about our video camera line inspections in Pasadena.

Full drain maintenance on old pipesIf your Glendale home has a recurring blockage, it may be time to use a video camera for a more thorough evaluation. The camera includes radio transmitters that detect the precise location and depth, eliminating guesswork and allowing our technicians to quickly solve your drain line issue. The cameras also give a clean and clear picture of the exact nature of the problem, meaning that you and the technician will know exactly what the problem is. Whether it is tree roots, damaged pipes, grease buildups, or another obstruction, you will be able to see the exact cause. In some cases this helps another problem be avoided, but for every Burbank customer, it gives answers and satisfaction. After the video inspection, California Hydro-Jet will take care of the problem in our typical expedient and excellent fashion.

Other Benefits

A video camera line inspection at your Glendale home or business can be beneficial for other reasons as well. It is recommended to get a video camera line inspection before purchasing a home to identify any potential problems that may not occur until your first year as the homeowner. This will save you lots of money in the future on repairs and service if a problem is spotted. Additionally, if you have experienced the loss of a wedding ring or other important jewelry that escaped through the pipes, we can help their too. Out video camera lines can be used to look for specific things, such as toys or jewelry that may be lost, posing potential blockage concerns.

When you call California Hydro-Jet for your video camera line inspection service, be sure to ask about our other sewer and drain services. Our technicians are certified to perform hydro-jetting, drain cleaning, rooter service, and more. We provide drain services to all Glendale, Burbank, and Pasadena residential and commercial customers. Call us today to learn more!


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Sewer Video InspectionsSewer Video Inspections
Sewer Video InspectionsSewer Video Inspections
Sewer Video InspectionsSewer Video Inspections