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Get ready, Ventura- California Hydro-Jet is coming to you! We are now able to provide our elite drain cleaning, hydro jetting, maintenance, and repair services to our Ventura customers. With our quality service and reputation for customer satisfaction, why bother with any other hydro-jetting company?  Call now to learn more about our reputable drain cleaning and repair services.


California Hydro-Jet specializes in hydro jetting as a drain cleaning service. If you are in the Ventura area, contact us to learn more about our elite hydro jetting services. We use hydro jetting as a complete drain cleaning service that completely eradicates buildup and lingering clogs to improve over all main line drain function. During hydro-jetting, a powerful stream of water is sent soaring down the drain to completely clean out the pipe. Most blockages can be totally opened up with our hydro jetting service.

Drain Cleaning & Rooter Service

In addition to hydro jetting, we also offer traditional drain cleaning and rooter service. This type of cabling is used specifically to punch a hole in thick clogs to allow the rest of the clog to be removed. California Hydro-Jet technicians are experts at total clog removal. In addition to the rooter and cabling, we can also use hydro-jetting to remove the lingering buildup from pipes and main lines. To experience high-quality drain cleaning and rooter service at your Ventura home, call us today.

Camera line Inspections

If you have an unusual or recurring problem requiring our services, our technicians may suggest a video camera line inspection. A high resolution camera will be sent through your pipes to pinpoint the cause of a tricky clog or slowly draining water problem. These cameras provide unquestionable proof of the actual problem and allow our technicians to quickly and expertly handle the situation. These cameras are perfect for things like tree roots and pipes that may be damaged in multiple places. For more information about camera line inspection, call California Hydro-Jet today.


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